Abe Fawson Senior PHP Developer


I am passionate about Web Development. I have learned a lot working as a contractor for more than eight years, and I keep learning new and better ways to develop web systems. Last year I was hired on full-time by one of my clients, and I loved the ability to focus on the needs of a single company. However, I have since completed all projects agreed upon at the time of employment, exceeding their expectations both in quality and efficiency. I am looking for and excited to gain new experience using my skills to create and improve web systems for a business with a vision.

I currently live in Enoch, UT with my wife of fifteen years and six children. We love reading great books together and the occasional road trip.


  • 100+ websites/web apps I have managed, designed, or developed
  • Web Development/Design - 15+ years
  • PHP - 13 years
  • MySQL - 13 years
  • REST API - 10 years
  • HTML - 16 years
  • CSS - 15 years
  • JavaScript - 15 years
  • jQuery - 9 years
  • PrototypeJS* - 5 years
  • Ajax - 10 years
  • WordPress Development - 10 years
  • Druple* - 4 years
  • ASP.NET C# - 2 years
  • ASP VBScript*
  • MS SQL - 2 years
  • Git - 9 years
  • Subversion - 2 years
  • LAMP setup/maintenance - 9 years
  • AWS (EC2, RDS, S3, Route 53)
  • Object‑Oriented Programming,
    MVC, Domain‑Driven Design,
    Dependency Injection
  • Unit Testing
  • Adobe Photoshop - 15+ years
  • Adobe Illustrator - 15+ years
  • Adobe Flash* - 4 years
* Not recommended for new projects

Employment History

2017-2018 Williamsburg Learning (see references), Full-time, Salary, Remote PHP
2009-2017 Independent Contractor, Full-time, Remote Continued working for GWU and started working for Williamsburg Learning as a contractor. I had more than 30 different clients during that period, with more than 10 needing continuous work. Primarily used word-of-mouth for advertising. PHP/ASP.NET C#
2005-2009 George Wythe College/University (GWU), Part-time/Full-time, Salary, On-site PHP/ASP VBScript
2005-2006 Owner and entrepreneur of a local rental store I developed a Point of Sale system which was to interact with an online reservation interface. PHP
2003-2005 I worked for McKay Earl (see references), a local entrepreneur, Part-time/Full-time, Salary, On-site ASP VBScript
1999-2003 Went to Australia for my church, went to college, taught English in China
1998-1999 I built websites for local magazine companies and my high school HTML